08 – Pimp my Rap

Yeah, my Name is X to the Z,
You’re on MTV Pimp my Rap.
I got this German cat, from overseas, man,
what’s your name?

[German Rapper]
Eh, my…

Aight, Aight, Aight, hehe.
Let me hear some of your rap.

[german Rapper]
Ok, ok ey yo, I’m from Germany, yeah, yeah,
aha, yeah, wait a minute, ich fuck you up.

Ok, ok, o that’s your rap, right?
Aight, Aight,
I Think, your rap is kind of fucked up.
But don’t worry man,
I’m gonna take you,
to the Boys of West-Coats Customs, man.
Aight, Aight.

[German Rapper]
Cool, cool, i’m so excited man,
Xzibit gonna Pimp my Rap, man,
so geil.

Yeah man,
we’re back.
My name is X to the fucking Z, hehehe
And the Boys from West-Coast, man
they hooked you up.

[German Rapper]
Yeah, we rockin’ that shit,
i put my cock in a bitch,
i’ll be trumpin like spit,
fire get you ticket,
with Xzibit,
out of my Mixtape,
i made a hit fake.

Eh, eh, ok,ok…
Give it up.

[German Raper]
Yeah Xzibit man,
i’m so excited man,
my rap sounds so much better man,
yo xzibit, thanks for pimpin my rap, man.